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Jiangsu Rongtianle Machinery Co.,Ltd.(RTL Bearing) has a Provincial engineering technology center,the Special Automobile Bearing Engineering Technology Center of Jiangsu Province and has been devoting to the research of special bearings for automobile(mainly used on engine,transmission,wheel hub,etc.).The company always puts great emphasis on technology innovation,product upgrading and technique modification and invests heavily on technical research and development projects which has made many major technological achievements as well as gained many proprietary intellectual property rights from that.
And through these technological activities,the company has brought up a technician team with both ability and integrity which has made solid foundation for company’s future development. Also,the company is the government approved High and New Technology Enterprise and the Workstation of Postgraduates of Changzhou University.

Having All Kinds of High-Precision Testing Devices
Universal Projector
Taylor Hobson Profile Roughness Tester
Taylor Hobson Roundness Tester
Bearing High and Low Temperature Torque Tester
Bearing Comprehensive Performance Tester

Having Complete Performance Test Laboratory
Bearing Comprehensive Performance Laboratory
Rubber Test Laboratory
Engineering Plastic Retainer Test Laboratory
Metallographic Laboratory
Precision Measurement Laboratory
Production Trial-run Test Laboratory

Systematic Working Mode
ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Control System and ISO14001:2004 Environment Control System certified.

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